Tubular Fencing

Tubular fencing is a great choice for high quality fencing. If you’re looking for security and quality fencing that meets you’re a great standards..

Manufactured using galvanized steel and bronze silicone welded together and helps to reduce corrosion and finally we powder coat the fencing to give a great finish. Tubular fencing is a great option for front fences, gates, pools and schools. We make custom tubular fencing which meets your needs and requirements as well as we have an extensive variety of colors to choose which matches.


  • Pre galvanized steel in round or square tube
  • Range of decorative and stylish designs and finishes
  • Corrosion resistant, strong and durable
  • Varied heights to suit specifications
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Providing security with open feel
  • Suitable for pools, industrial or commercial properties
  • School, sporting fields
tubular fence canberra
tubular fence canberra